Ideal for any industry using plant
and machinery, especially:

• Natural Resources
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Transportation

• Construction
• Chemical Processing
• Defence
• Power, Water, Gas

• Waste Management
• Telco & Internet
• Emergency Services
• Production

Hydraulic hose tagging


Take control of asset management with an easy to use platform that makes proprietary vendor systems a thing of the past. The end result, is a safer workplace that runs more smoothly and costs less to operate.

Hydraulic hose tagging - reseller

Supply Chain

Pre-tagging equipment with Tagitive is a simple way for on-sellers to offer value, add service to their customers and create new revenue streams.

Integrate pre-tagged sales with your CRM system to create sales opportunities throughout the asset’s life – inspections, maintenance and end-of-life replacement.

Hydraulic hose tagging for machinery


Many large machines contain hundreds or thousands of tag worthy, serviceable components. A major opportunity exists for plant and equipment manufacturers, working with their supply chains, to pre-tag components before their products are delivered to or installed at end-user sites.

Pre-tagging components at the point of plant and equipment assembly is easier and faster than doing it on site post delivery. Tagitive therefore provides opportunities for manufacturers to generate new revenue streams with a value-add service for its customers.